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VAT registrations and VAT compliance

Belgian VAT registrations and VAT registrations in other EU countries

Together with our network of local VAT experts, we can assist with requesting for a VAT number in Belgium or other EU countries. We can also assist with Belgian VAT compliance or VAT compliance in any EU Member State.

As we have a broad expertise in-house we can assist with other VAT and customs related questions as well.

VAT registrations in Belgium or other EU countries

VAT compliance in Belgium or other EU countries

E-commerce and VAT


left before the entry into force of the new VAT rules on E-commerce

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VAT registrations as a non-established taxpayer

If your company supplies goods or services that are taxable for VAT in another member state, a VAT registration might be required even in the absence of a local presence.  Purchases can also trigger the obligation to register for VAT.  The requirement to register will differ per member state depending on the national VAT legislation (a.o. implementation of local reverse charge rules).

A VAT registration can be triggered - amongst others - by the following supplies:

VAT registration checks

We developed a number of tests for certain common scenarios that you can access via the buttons below. By completing the questions, you will find out whether you need a VAT registration in Belgium or whether you need a VAT registration in another EU country  in a few clicks: