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VAT workshops and trainings

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough

– Albert Einstein-


Workshops and training

VAT rules are complex and rapidly evolving. Keeping your finance team up to date is difficult but key. We offer in-house standard trainings and periodic updates for a fixed price. Upon requests, we also organize tailored trainings fit to your business.

Meet the trainers

Our VAT experts have years of experience teaching VAT at academies,  universities and professional training institutions. They are trained to  explain complex rules in understandable language.

Jurgen Opreel​

Rob Van Den Plas

Koen Dewilde

Karen Truyers

Evy Van Dijck

Kim Bar


Standard Training

fixed fee
800 1/2 day
  • Training Intra-Community transactions
  • Training import and Export
  • Training EU VAT basics for trade in the EU
  • Training E-commerce

Periodic VAT update

fixed fee
950 2 updates of 2h per year
  • Only topics relevant for your organisation
  • Q & A closing session
  • Updates for BE and EU
  • Quarterly updates possible upon request

Tailored training

on demand
ask us Duration to be agreed
  • Tailored to your needs
  • Combination with customs possible
  • Completed with (your) practical exemples
  • Also possible for non VAT specialists