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Questions about Belgian VAT

We can help with questions about Belgian VAT. You can also ask us about the VAT implications when trading in Belgium or other countries (both EU and non-EU). We make it a priority to deliver to-the-point, practical advice in understandable language.

Communications with Belgian VAT authorities

Our VAT experts have extensive experience in requesting rulings or written agreements from the Belgian VAT authorities and in guiding taxpayers during VAT audits.

Many years of experience advising small, medium and large companies in all industries about Belgian VAT and EU VAT.

Some VAT experts have a profound knowledge about the complex VAT rules applicable to non-profit and public organizations.

VAT advice in various industries

VAT is our sole core business so we have extensive experience in all types of industries. Below you can find a grasp of the sectors in which our clients are active. We assist with questions about Belgian VAT. On top, we can assist with customs questions and licenses via our related firm Customs Square. Our focus is Belgian VAT advice but via our network we can assist with VAT questions on other countries as well. 

vat support for trading

Production and distribution

Manufacturing companies

We provide VAT advice for manufacturing companies with worldwide production. Our VAT advice can cover the following: VAT treatment of the flow of the goods; the VAT consequences when working with subcontractors or toll manufacturers; the obligation to register for VAT purposes in Belgium or in another EU member state,..

Logistic companies

We assist many logistic companies with the VAT treatment of their warehousing services and transport services. Our advice in this sector can relate to the VAT exemptions for transport services when goods are imported, exported or placed under customs suspension regimes. We also assisted many logistic companies with the use and enjoyment rules implemented in many member states, with global representation and many other sector specific questions.


Ask us about the VAT consequences when importing or exporting goods. We can also help with requesting the necessary VAT and customs licenses. Via our network of local VAT specialist we can advice on the VAT consequences when trading with or in other EU member States.

vat advice in public sector

Public & non-profit

Public sector

The Belgian VAT rules in the public sector are complex. We have specific in-house knowledge about the VAT rules applicable to governments and public institutions.

Non-profit sector

Associations without profit aim often qualify as exempt or mixed VAT taxpayers. We have extensive experience providing Belgian VAT advice to sport clubs, cultural associations, educational institutions, federations,... We also advice on a regular basis on cost sharing associations.

vat advice for real estate

Real estate

Construction companies

We can assist with all VAT aspects related to construction or renovation projects in Belgium or other EU member states. We advice on the applicable VAT rate, the application of VAT reverse charge rules, the obligation to register for VAT and much more.

Real estate

We can help with questions about the sale of real estate, the sale of rights in rem or with VAT treatment of rental and lease of real estate. Our main experience is with Belgian VAT advice. Via our network of VAT specialists we can assist with VAT questions for other countries as well.

Production and trade of building materials

We can advice on the VAT treatment and the VAT consequences for the purchase or sale of goods.

Pharma & Health Care

Pharmaceutical companies

We provide VAT advice to many pharmaceutical companies regarding the VAT treatment of their transactions. The VAT advice can relate to whether reduced rates can apply to medicines or medical equipment. We also advice with the VAT treatment of flows, with ERP-system set-up. On top, we can help with VAT registrations in Belgium or other countries.

Medical care

We provide VAT assistance to many hospitals, elderly homes, doctors, paramedici... Also, we assisted with the implementation of multiple VAT groups and cost sharing associations in this sector.