VAT advice and assistance

We can assist with any question related to Belgian VAT or with the VAT implications when trading in or with other countries (both EU and non-EU) .
We make it a priority to deliver to-the-point and practical advice in understandable language.

Communications with authorities

Our VAT experts have extensive experience in requesting rulings or written agreements from the authorities and in guiding taxpayers during VAT audits.
Many years of experience advising small, medium and large companies in all industries about Belgian and EU VAT.

Some VAT experts have a profound knowledge about the complex VAT rules applicable to non-profit and public organizations.

We advice in various industries

VAT is our sole core business so we have extensive experience in all types of industries. Below you can find a grasp of the sectors in which our clients are active.

Production and distribution


of all type of products with worldwide production (via subcontractors/tollers in different countries) and with worldwide distribution


Warehousing, customs suspension regimes and transport services


Worldwide trade of all types of products

Energy, utilities & resources


Trade of electricity, oil & gas


From the grid to powerplants, refinaries


Mining and trade of natural resources, metals or minerals

Public & non-profit

Public sector

Government, government entities and coöperation

Non-profit sector

Sport, cultural, education etc.

Health care & life sciences

Pharmaceutical companies

Productions and distribution of pharmaceutical products

Medical care

Hospitals, elderly homes, doctors, paramedici,...

Real estate

Construction companies

Construction or renovation projects in Belgium and other EU member states

Real estate

Sale of real estate or rights in rem, rental and lease of real estate

Production and trade of building materials

Worldwide production and trade of building materials