Sabine Van Pelt

Sabine Van Pelt

My First Vat advice

The VAT status of an AISBL, nothing compares in order to dive straight into the VAT matter and the concepts that make it so special.


My VAT experience is linked to the world of fiduciary. Working for such structures since 2003, I have had the opportunity to deal in a concrete way with very different situations for companies of all sizes and in all sectors. In 2011, I decided to devote myself mainly to VAT issues, whether complex or simply related to the ordinary management of companies. I am currently teaching at the Haute Ecole Ephec in accounting option.

VAT Focus areas

The VAT issues that arise in the daily life of Belgian entrepreneurs. These can be very diverse and often require research in the specialist literature, reflection and discussions with both the client and other specialists. It is very fulfilling.

The reason I like working at Vatsquare

To evolve within a team that is highly complementary and driven by the same dynamic. The concern for the quality of the service provided to the client in a rigorous and always serene working atmosphere.

Something Personal

Doing everything to keep the human component at the center of my life, both professionally and personally.