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No longer extension of VAT deadlines

Because of the coronacrisis the Belgian tax authorities granted several deferrals for the VAT obligations (return, intracommunity sales listing, annual sales listing, payment of VAT).

The government has announced that as of the transactions of May 2020, no deferrals will be granted.

This means that at latest 20th June 2020:

  • the VAT return for the transactions of May 2020 must be filed;
  • the intracommunity sales listing for the transactions of May 2020 must be filed;
  • the payment of the VAT resulting from the transactions of May 2020 must be paid.

Taxpayers filing monthly VAT returns that are allowed to get monthly VAT-refunds (starters and permit holders), need to file their VAT return for May 2020 also at latest 20th June 2020, if not the reimbursement of the VAT credit will be delayed.

Taxpayers that have terminated their VAT activities after 30th April 2020 need to file their last annual sales listing within three months counting from the date the VAT-activivities were terminated.


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